Black Dog Mountain Construction - Custom home builder in Water Valley, AB

Brian Gardner Custom Homes - Custom home builder in Olds, AB

Cactus Construction - Custom home builder in Olds, Ab 

CC Homes Ltd - Residential construction in Olds, AB 

Cowling Homes & Cowling Renovations -  Custom homes and renovations in Olds, AB    

Dale Erickson Carpentry - Journey 

Goodman Homes Ltd. - Custom home builders in Airdrie & Carstairs, AB                          

Homes by Keith - Custom home builders in Carstairs, AB

Normark Homes - Custom home builders in Didsbury, AB 

R & R Homebuilding Ltd. - Custom home builders in Sundre and area, AB   

Rod Assmus Construction - Custom home builders in Olds, AB

Stevenson Homes - Home builder in Olds, AB 

Vision Built Construction - Renovations & new homes in Sundre and Area, AB 


Alberta Childrens HospitalAlberta Children's Hospital is the largest public hospital for sick children in the prairie provinces, and is located in Calgary, Alberta  

Light the Night - Celebrates and honours cancer survivers 

Mountain View Junior Lacrosse 

Mountain View Coltsjunior "B" ice hockey team based in Didsbury, Alberta 

Olds Baptist El Salvador Team - A team from Olds, AB going to El Salvador to build houses 

Olds Horseshoe Club

Olds Minor Hockey 

Olds Rotary Club 

Ride for Dad - Motorcycle ride to fight prostate cancer  

Rock Solid Refuge A 12-month, biblically based program for a 13-18 year old male adolescent who is struggling with life-controlling issues. 

Skate Life Youth Program a division of Young Life that demonstrates our true devotion to meeting teenagers where they’re at, and is “committed to skaters on their turf,” whether that’s at skate parks, shops, or elsewhere.  

STARSSTARS offers time, hope and life-saving transport to critically ill and injured patients.  

Sundre Aquatic Society   

Sundre May Queen - The annual spring fund raising festival in which Sundre High School students, parents, and staff volunteer to work at odd jobs over several days to raise money for our Students’ Union.  

Sundre Nutrition for Learningprovides a healthy snack and milk to over 600 elementary students and breakfast to over 350 High School students.  

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